When I’m not pretending to be other people I like drawing them instead. I loved drawing as a child. It’s all I ever wanted to do really. Then I went to art school and that put a stop to it. Twenty-eight years later I noticed a life-drawing class was being held locally so I went along. I surprised myself at how much I had forgotten about the joy of drawing. The lesson to learn here is don’t waste your time at art school. Needless to say I’ve kept it up since that reintroduction.
In the past few years I’ve had exhibitions at Contemporary Six entitled Actor’s Profiles, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, and North Yorkshire Open Studios and had work exhibited at The Leeds Gallery. My current exhibition A Year In Bay can be seen at the Pyramid Gallery in York until Sep 2nd 2016.
I’m happy to take commissions for portraits, be they human, canine, feline, equine etc. It’s always preferable to work from life though obviously this isn’t always possible. Working from photos can be arranged so feel free to send them digitally or contact me to send them via traditional mail.
Prices vary depending on the size and medium used. For example a charcoal drawing will be a lot cheaper and quicker to do than an oil painting. I tend to set myself a reasonable hourly rate so feel free to contact me with your ideas and I’ll be able to give you an estimate of the price. On larger pieces a deposit will be required once the work is agreed and the final instalment can be paid on completion.

Portrait of Olwen May (pen and ink on paper)
Portrait of Suki - Ink on paper

Daisy and Tommy (white ink on black board)

Grandfather and Grandson (charcoal on paper)

Woody and Lyle (Derwent aqua pencil on mountboard)

Portrait of Kathe Kollwitz - Charcoal on paper
Portrait of a bearded man - ink on paper

Great Dane (ink on mountboard)

Portrait of David Crellin (detail) (oil on canvas)

Portrait of Steve Cooper. Pen and ink on watercolour paper. 2016

Portrait of Sam Pearson. Pen and ink on watercolour paper. 2016.

Ravenscar. Oil on board. 2016

Portrait of June Eeles. Oil on canvas board. 250mm x 300mm 2017

Below is a collection of work I produced whilst working at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. They are studies of the company in rehearsals for a piece called Cox And Box.  Click on an image to enlarge.

Singers in detail. Charcoal on A2 paper

The cast. Charcoal on A2 paper

Portrait of Mrs Bouncer (Paul Ryan). Charcoal on A2 paper